Physical Medicine Or Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and physical medicine provide men and women tools and exercises to reintegrate regular activities back into their daily lives after surgery or sickness. The highly-trained providers at Desert Fountain Medical in Fountain Hills, Arizona use cutting-edge techniques to help men and women bounce back from injuries and illness. Call or click to learn how you can get back to 100% with Desert Fountain Medical’s physical medicine and rehabilitative services.

Physical Medicine or Rehabilitation Q & A

What is rehabilitation?

Even minor injuries or surgery can throw you off your game. Regaining the strength and flexibility to perform even the simplest movements can take weeks or month.

However, rehabilitation can help you on that journey. It’s a form of therapy designed to help you recover function and mobility and relearn the activities and tasks you lost.

Rehabilitation benefits people of all ages with a multitude of minor and chronic conditions. One type of rehabilitation is physical medicine, which uses non-pharmacological and non-surgical methods to treat disease, injury, or deformity.

What is physical medicine?

Desert Fountain Medical providers focus on the physical aspects of your recovery. Physical medicine is one type of rehabilitation designed to help you:

  • Improve or restore mobility
  • Prevent disability
  • Reduce pain
  • Restore function

Physical medicine providers are highly-skilled, licensed professionals who use natural treatments to help men and women feel and move better.

Physical medicine involves therapeutic stretching, exercise, and hands-on manipulation of certain parts of the body. Desert Fountain Medical providers believe treating patients without medication or surgery is always the best first step.
What are the benefits of physical medicine and rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation and physical medicine offer excellent outcomes because they address the physical issues impacting your recovery process. Whether you want to relearn how to move throughout your day again or learn a new way to move after an injury, rehabilitation helps.

Rehabilitation works because it’s:

  • Low-impact: a safe, gentle form of treatment
  • Natural: no risk of side effects from medication
  • Proven: techniques are well-researched and based on science
  • Customized: a treatment plan based on your symptoms and health goals
  • Integrative: addresses the physical, environmental, and emotional factors surrounding your condition

Combined with chiropractic care, physical medicine offers safe, effective, and natural relief. To begin your personal physical medicine treatment plan and get back to living, call or click to schedule an appointment with Desert Fountain Medical.